AR-75 High Amp Relay for High Current Draw / Dual Electric Fans, Eliminates Melted Connections



High 75 amp switching relay for use with large high amp draw electric fans or dual fans.
#10 eyelet screw down binding posts for high current draw fans.

This screw down binding post lug design allows you to crimp eyelet connectors on your heavy gauge load wires, tightening down the eyelet with a wrench and eliminates the melting effects found in inferior slip-fit push-on female spade terminals on 70 amp relays of similar amperage values.

Those slip-fit connections will overheat and melt under prolonged loads, operated for many hours.

That’s why Hotronics recommends the AR-75  High Amp Relay to prevent this very dangerous condition.

When connections begin to fail, heat and resistance increase, amperage goes up and everything becomes worse. If you have experienced this already, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

If your connections have melted, your fan(s) draw is very high.

Select Hotronics AR-75  High Amp relay for all your dual and High Current draw fans.

This relay should be used with Hotronics Cooling Fan Sensors with dual fans or high fan loads.

Handles up to 75 amp draw fans and start loads of 150 amp.

Should you need higher Ratings, Select Hotronics AR-200 for Ultra High Amp Draw Equipment.

Make sure your connections are superior too with our “Crimping tool” listed under “Tools & Misc”.

Part# AR-75


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