A message from Hotronics Founder

I am dedicated to producing the best quality and most innovative electrical products available. 

Each Hotronics product is designed to be the most reliable, easy to install and operate, contain more features and can be installed by the average Rodder in any wiring system with outstanding results.  Hotronics designs and produces whatever in necessary to work properly and be easier to use.  To be an alternative to poorly constructed or inadequate products we have been subjected to in the past, things adapted from other industries that kind of work or seem to work, or may work with a little work.  I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about.  The things I wasted money on that didn’t work!  If you haven’t encountered it yet, you are, the wise man and have learned from others mistakes.  You will have started with Hotronics Products! 

Out of frustration I have designed Hotronics devices to a higher standard, to produce better results for a longer period of time and with less installer effort.

To solve difficulties associated with special construction vehicles all Hotronics products are simplified and attractively packaged and may be used in conjunction with all makes, models, wiring panels and systems.  Each product is designed to be a stand-alone product so it has no conflicting problems with existing wiring, panels or systems.  

I believe in choices and that’s why I believe the closer you look the better Hotronics looks and the choice becomes clear, you stand a better chance with Hotronics.

Many a look alike or similar product have come onto the scene in and attempt to compete with Hotronics and try and distract and confuse you.

I recommend Hotronics Products not just for quality, not just because they continue to work time after time, not just for knowledgeable technical support, not just for in-stock and fast deliveries, it’s because Hotronics Products are designed to perform the best, last the longest and go further with less headache than any other similar product at any cost!  Hotronics has changed the industry with innovations in cooling fan sensors, self canceling turn signals, battery disconnects, remote controls, high power actuators, nostalgia Electric Window Crank power window switches and the new No-Load flasher for LED taillight.

So many customer and professional builder testimonies can’t be wrong.  

I see these people at rod runs and car shows year after year and they make it a point to say “thank you”, your products are still working great, that is our reward. Rodders helping Rodders. 

Greg Schlup