12v Continuous Duty-Ultra High Amp Relay



    • Ultra High Amp Switching Relay. For use with Super Large Electric Fans with real big motors or Large Dual Fans with higher current draw. 
    • Handles incredibly large start loads to get the biggest of BIG fans going and then keeps them going ALL day long with 200 amp contacts.
    • Handles Shock Loads that will burn out the contacts of other relays. 
    • Made for continuous use, like when the fans run for many hours all day. 
    • Use with Hotronics Electric Fan switch sensor.
    • Other uses, Dual Battery charging, switching, lighting loads or other very large switching needs. Switching Very High amp Alternators
    • Silver Contacts that resist arcing and welding together.
    • 12 Volt Coil engages 200 amp switching contacts.  All in a small 2 inch square cube.
    • Binding Posts for Highest Amperage Loads preventing “Melt Down”
    • Includes Copper Lugs, Connectors and Protective Boots.                                                                                                                                                                              Part# AR-200
      Price $80.00


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