Motor Control With Limit Switches



HOTRONICS Standard Motor Control is the right choice for all your electric motor switching needs!
It is capable of switching high amperage motors using low power inputs.
Also, switches both polarity reversing and straight polarity motors!

This pre-wired controller handles both motor directions – back and forth.
The low amperage activation switch allows automatic and manual direction control when used in conjunction with HOTRONICS limit switches.

The limit switches give you a way to preset the location at which to shut the motor off in either direction.
Adjusting these limits will allow you to use the controller in the automatic mode.

HOTRONICS Standard Motor Control will stop in the exact location each and every time!
The Standard Motor Control works with all 12 Volt negative ground fuse panels and is equipped to work from remote control outputs.

Part# SMC-20-L… Price $89.00


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