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Two door Remote Shaved Handles Kit

Kit includes:

Two heavy duty 40 lb pull solenoids
RC-2a four channel remote control
Mounting hardware & stainless steel cable
Detailed instructions
200 ft. operation
Works great for heavy doors or original latches
Part # RDS-2-40  Price is $290.00
 Also available:
Same reliable kit with 15 lbs solenoids
Part # RDS-2-15  Price is $229.00
Shipping on these kits is $24.00

Two Door Remote Entry System

This Awesome Kit Includes:
· Two door lock actuators
· RC-2 remote control
· Mounting hardware
· Second channel output
· Works with existing lock mechanism
· Switching relays
· Dependable operation
· Detailed instructions
· 200 ft. operating range
· Fits in all fuse panels 12 volt neg. ground systems


This complete two door entry system includes all the necessary hardware and instructions you need. Just another awesome HOTRONICS product.
Door solenoids also available
RES-2 Price $179.00

Shipping & Handling

$18.00 Ground

$24.00 Priority

Power Window Switches – “As Seen On TV”

The Original 
Don’t Be Fooled by Cheap Imitations
· Universal Fit
· Thin design only 5/8 thick
· Easy to install
· Traditional look
· Handles up to 15 amp motors
· Available in spline shafts or 3/8″ square shaft
· Works with straight or reverse polarity motors
· 18 deg. up or down activates switch
· Positive stops! Won’t break!
Product Options:

#EWC-10 3/8″ Square shaft Price $99.00 each

#EWC-15 Spline ’50’s up GM pass car & 68 up GM p/u. Price $110.00 each

#EWC-20 Spline Ford, early GM to 1950 & GM p/u to 67. Price $110.00 each

#EWC-25 Same as the EWC-20 spline shaft, only 1/2 inch longer shaft for some P/U’s and early Mustang Pony interiors. Price $110.00 each

Shipping & Handling

$16.00 Ground up to 2 pieces

$18.00 Priority up to 2 pieces

Download Installation Guide Here

One Touch Window Express

Runs window down with one touch of window rocker switch
Works all Polarity Reversing window motors
Use with existing single operation rocker switches
No special window switches required
Eliminates erratic operation found in similar off-shore brand one touch controls
Not affected by changing motor loads like competitor brands
Works even with windows that drag a bit in the channels or with chopped tops or one piece glass conversions where channels are not always perfectly aligned
Can be stopped at any time by rocking switch in the UP position
Built-in relay for a clean and neat, no hassle installation
Made in the USA.   
Price $72.00
Part# OTC-1
Shipping & Handling
$14.00 Ground
$16.00 Priority

Keyless Entry Remote Control

  • Two Transmitters
  • 4 channel operation
  • 200ft operating range
  • Fits All 12 volt fuse panels
  • Many universal applications
  • Easy to install RC-2a Price $130.00
  • Also available in 7 Channel for $189.00

Shipping & Handling

$18.00 Ground

$24.00 Priority

Electric Power Release

  • · Push Button and Wiring
  • · Stainless Steel Cable
  • · Easy to install
  • · Strong 11 Lb. Pull
  • · 3/4 Inch Travel
  • · Easy Mounting
  • · Also available in 15 and 40 Lb. Pulls
  • · Works great on Bear Claw Latches
  • Model EPR-11  Price $49.95
  • Model EPR-40  Price $80.00

Shipping & Handling

$16.00 Ground

$18.00 Priority

AR-30 Switching Relay

Switching relay. Use with Electric Fan switch kits for vehicles with A/C. Other uses include switching door and trunk solenoids, door lock-unlock actuators and other switching needs with Remote Controls
Model AR-30
Price $9.50


$8 Ground up to 4 pieces

$12.00 Priority up to 4 pieces

Note, Ships for free with other purchases