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Pre-Wired 40 Amp Relay Pak

The relay pac is also sold separately as a replacement:  Pre-wired 40 amp relay pak
Part # TRP-40
Price $26.00

Shipping & Handling

$14.00 Ground

$16.00 Priority

Cooling Fan Switch Kit

This is the Cooling Fan switch kit the industry is buzzing about.

· Satin or Polished Aluminum sensors
· 180º-195º-210º-220º temp. settings
· 1/2 NPT or 3/8 NPT threads
· Dependable operation
· Direct temp sensing
· 40 amp relay pack
· Easy installation

The only real cooling fan switch designed for Street Rods and Performance Vehicles

Sensor with 75 amp relay may be purchased separately.

75 amp relay priced @ $42.00 (order AR-75)
Polished Sensor are priced @ $69.00 ea. (sensor only) (*except 220 degree)

Satin Sensor are priced @ $58.00 ea. (sensor only)

*NOTE- (Polished Sensors Not Available in the 220 degree setting, this includes in kit form as well as sensors only.)

Then there is the complete kit including 40 amp relay pac

Satin finish kit priced @ $79.00 ea. your choice of temp.
Polished finish kit priced @ $89.00 ea. your choice of temp, except 220

Shipping & Handling

Kit $14.00 Ground.   Sensor only $8.00 up to 2 pieces

Kit $ 16.00 Priority    Sensor only $12.00 up to 2 pieces

Heavy Duty 75 amp relay $8.00 Ground or $12.00 Priority

Note: 75 amp relay and choice of sensor, ships @ kit price

Download Installation Guide Here

AR-30 Switching Relay

Switching relay. Use with Electric Fan switch kits for vehicles with A/C. Other uses include switching door and trunk solenoids, door lock-unlock actuators and other switching needs with Remote Controls
Model AR-30
Price $9.50


$8 Ground up to 4 pieces

$12.00 Priority up to 4 pieces

Note, Ships for free with other purchases

After-run Cool Down Delay Timer for Electric Fans

Keeps electric fan engaged after key is turned off.
Adjustable run times 2 min. to 4-1/2 min max.
Companion part to the Hotronics Switch kit for elec. fans
Removes heat soak from engine and radiator while stopped
Built-in optional features allow simple re-triggers or over-ride should manual control be desired.
Delay run time adjusts with small screw driver through hole in end of box.
Made in The USA
Price $85.00
Part # CDT-240
Shipping & Handing
$14.00 Ground
$16.00 Priority


75 amp Relay

Ultra 75 amp switching relay for use with large high amp draw electric fans or dual fans.
#10 eyelet binding posts for high current draw fans. This eliminates the melting effects found in spade terminal type relays of similar amperage values that rely on slip-fit connections that will overheat and melt under large loads. Handles up to 75 amp draw fans and start loads of 150 amp.

Model AR-75
Price $42.00

Shipping & Handling

$8.00 Ground

$12.00 Priority